Stained Glass

Stained Glass to inspire the Spiritual Soul

Moyalan Stained Glass, the leading Professional Studio in India, specializes in crafting Original Leaded Stained Glass for Churches, Catholic Institutions and Homes using different coloured imported glasses, which are cut according to colours and designs; shaped, stained, furnace fired and joined together with Lead to form soul inspiring panels which lasts for decades and centuries.

Having a work force of efficient Artists, Glass Artisans, ample stock of imported coloured glasses and raw materials, exclusive Christian design library and designers, latest Kilns and equipments, advanced technical know how and a decade of experience in crafting Leaded Stained Glass for numerous Churches and Christian Institutions throughout India, Moyalan Stained Glass offers you custom crafted premium quality Leaded Stained Glass and Stained Glass Mosaic at affordable rates.

The Studio undertakes major restoration works of old Stained Glass panels.

Our Studio does not make imitations and paintings in fibre glass / float glass / acrylic etc., which fade off in a couple of years.

Product range also include Church Interior Designing, Fibre Glass Relief Art, Metal Casting, Wood and Glass Furniture, “Natural Floor” Mosaic Art, Oil Paintings etc. for Churches.