Stained Glass

Moyalan Stained Glass, the leading Professional Studio in India, specializes in crafting Original Leaded Stained Glass for Churches, Catholic Institutions and Homes using different coloured imported glasses, which are cut according to colours and designs; shaped, stained, furnace fired and joined together with Lead to form soul inspiring panels which lasts for decades and centuries.

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Dome designing is a client-focused design practice based on listening and working closely with the clients in order to create a unique design crafted to client needs. We avoid using typical solutions with the belief that each individual project should be a response to the individual needs. We are there to direct you through what can be a not easy process and make it an enjoyable experience for all.

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Mosaic Art

Our Studio crafts Glass Mosaic Art, a fascinating art form with a long and glorious history. Mosaic Art can be installed on interiors and exteriors of Churches, Ceilings, Sanctuary Walls, Hand Railings, Steps, Domes and Floor. Handmade and hand-cut Colour Glass Tesserae are painstakingly arranged on a base material according to designs and colour combinations, cemented and fixed onto the prepared area, walls etc.

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