About us

About Us

Moyalan Stained Glass and Moyalan Ceramics, the beacon of “Moyalan” family was founded by two cousin brothers Mr.Cyril Moyalan, having underwent extensive training at the Prestigious Glass & Ceramic Research Institute(CGCRI) Jadavpur University, Calcutta, and with assistance and guidance from Stained Glass Association of America, The British Society of Master Glass Painters, Indian Ceramic Society, etc, was able to craft premium art products in Ceramics and Glass. After the demise of Mr.Thomas.V.Moyalan, his son Mr.Jetto Thomas Moyalan joined in.


Now, Moyalan Stained Glass, the Pioneer and Leading Professional Christian Art Studio in India specialises in crafting original Leaded Stained Glass and Glass Mosaic Art for Churches, Christian Institutions and Homes.


Moyalan Stained Glass, the beacon of “Moyalan” family is the Pioneer and Leading Professional Christian Art Studio in India.


We specialize in crafting original leaded Stained Glass for Churches and other Catholic Institutions. We use different coloured imported glasses which are cut according to colours and designs; shaped, stained, furnace fired and joined together with Lead to form Window panels which last for decades and centuries.


The 2000 and more Churches installed with our Soul Inspiring panels during the past 20 years, stand tall testimony for the quality, craftsmanship and trust.


Our Design Consists of highly experienced Glass Artists, Graphic designers, Structural Technicians and Craftsmen who can conceive, create and install the most complex of designs in a challenging environment. We have ample stock of imported coloured glasses and raw materials, exclusive Christian Design Library and reference material, logistic support to execute work in any location in India and abroad. Our Factory boasts of latest Firing Kilns, moulding equipments and advanced technical know-how on par with International standards, which delivers a perfect everlasting Art. Our high-quality work and cost-effectiveness have enabled us to acquire an impressive inflow of work even from far off places around the World.


We offer you custom crafted premium quality Leaded Stained Glass and Stained Glass Mosaic Art at affordable rates. We undertake major restoration works of old Stained Glass Panels. Our product range also includes Church Interior Designing, Sanctuary Designing, Fibre Glass Relief Art, Metal Casting, Wood and Glass Furniture, Mosaic Art, Oil Paintings etc. for Churches and other Institutions.